Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Inspiration: Andy Gilmore

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I think that he is a real genius. His work is flawless: the colors, the forms, the composition. Check his gallery on Flickr.
He deserves it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Board

this year I decided to make a paper desktop. it is a sheet of Canson white paper which I decorate differently for every month writing down the tasks that I will attend. it is a neat and nice way to follow everything and to remember the important dates. i make columns with the dates and I always left some free space if I need to scribble something during heavy nights of working late. i found that keeping journal is not fine with me because I tend to leave it empty.

the board overview

From above:

this November is"cat's November" in honor to one of my close friends.
if you are reading this someday: Nev, it is for you!
made with some rubber stamps and inks, some custom stamps that I made, colored Derwent pencils, and yellow W&N ink. very happy with the result! I hope you like it!

Sofia snow!

I was surprised to see that there was a little blizzard outside!
So here it is!
It is oficially snowing in my city!
And is slowly covering the dirty streets with white cotton like vest!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sofia Architecture Week Impressions

Sofia Architecture Week or SAW for short is an event taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria from 31.10.2009 to 05.11.2009. This is its second year and the motto is "changing urban visions". You can find the forum here: The whole idea is nice and intelligent. Visit if you have time.
Well, I must admit that the lectures went pretty well, but the organization was awful and a real pain in the ass. The auditorium was cold but with no! ventilation, the door was only semi-open so the access was hard and slowly, so was the leaving. Bad, bad French translation with no sense and no comprehension with the subject. Some nasty comments, no vision for the future.

I am tired as hell, but pleased. I learned some new things and I saw a little flickering light in the end of the tunnel after all. Maybe we will start making our cities better, our perspectives wider and our sense of beauty more human.

At least I hope we do so.

So here are some pictures from the lectures:

i love this one:

the Bulgarian one: not bad at all