Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday:Interesting Stamps ~ Интересни пощенски марки

All of you know about my deep love for letters and paper. But what is a letter without a stamp? Only a piece of paper put in an envelope. 

The first stamp was invented in Great Britain many years ago. It was named the Black Penny, because of the black ink and the price. The postal services had existed before that but were unreliable and not efficient enough. The stamp put all this mess in order and made it work. Here I present you some interesting stamps from all over the world which I found on one site on internet some time ago. Sadly I cannot find it again. 


Всички вие знаете за моята любов към писмата и хартията. Но какво е едно писмо без пощенската марка? Само парче хартия сложено в плик.

Първата марка е измислена във Кралство Великобритания преди много години. Наричала се е Черното Пени, заради цвета на мастилото и цената си. Пощенски услуги е имало и преди това, но не са били нито достатъчно ефективни, нито е можело да разчиташ на тях. Пощенската марка е сложила ред в бръкотията и е накарала всичко да заработи гладко. Тук ви представям няколко интересни пощенски марки от целият свят, които открих в един сайт преди доста време. За жалост сега не мога да го намеря отново. 

Наслаждавайте се!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday: Loving Letterpressed ~ Обичайки Напечатаното

I love books. I love old books. I love newspapers and letters. I love good fonts and nice handwriting. I love how the ink sticks to the paper in such beautiful union. It is like seeing the forever-after for a brief moment. 

The letterpress was invented by Johannes Gutenberg around 1439. And thank God he did it, because the evolution of mankind was going to be so different. Before the invention offset printing all was made by letterpress or by hand. But imagine it how difficult was to hand-paint 300 art posters... or even 100 or 50 of them. 

Now almost in every home we can find a personal printing machine. This is great and I can't imagine my life without one of those but I still love the letterperessed look.One of my wishes is to find one of these press machines, the smaller versions of course and learn to use it. Just for the real fun of making something unique. Sadly they cost a little fortune, they are hard to find, they seem to be even harder to find in Europe, the weight is a real problem and the supplies are difficult to find.

Here I present you some letterpressed goodies from Etsy. I love the designs and the feel they have. Enjoy!

Обичам книги. Обичам стари книги. Обичам вестници и писма. Обичам качествени шрифтове и хубав почерк. Обичам как мастилото залепва за хартията сливайки се красиво с нея. Все едно можеш да погледнеш във вечността за кратък момент.

Печатарската преса е измисляна от Йоханес Гутенберг около 1439 година. И слава на Бога, че е така, инак еволюцията на човечеството щеше да е толкова различна. Преди измислянето на офсетовият печат всичко се е правилона печатарските преси или на ръка. Но представете си колко трудно е било да изрисуваш 300 арт плаката... а дори 100 или 50 от тях.

Сега почти във всеки дом има персонална принтираща машина. Това е страхотно и азне мога да си представя животами без някоя от тях, но все още обичам вида на напечатаното. Едно от моите желания е да намеря една такава преса, някой от по-малките модели и да се науча да я използвам. Само заради удоволствието да направя нещо уникално. За жалост те струват едно малко състояние, трудниса занамиране, а още по-трудно е в Европа, теглото им е голям проблем и материалите също са апокрифни.

Тук ви представям няколко напечатани работки от Etsy. Много ми допада дизайна им и усещането, което носят. Наслаждавайте се! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Colourful Lamps ~ Цветни лампи

So it is Monday again. The last Monday of March. Time passes so fast. I can swear that New Year's Eve was just yesterday. This year passes even faster than the last one. I expect you had a wonderful lazy weekend and for one good beginning of the new week I present you some of the most beautiful and colourful ceiling lamps that bring cheerful and joyful feeling to every space.


Отново е понеделник. Последният понеделник от Март месец. Времето минава толкова бързо. Мога да се закълна, че Нова Година беше точно вчера. Тази година ще мине още по-бързо от предната. Очаквам, че сте прекарали прекрасни мързеливи почивни дни и за едно добро начало на новата седмица Ви представям едни от най-красивите, цветни лампи, които ще донесат радостно и весело настроение на всяко място.

Photos: here

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday: I want Strawberries ~ Искам Ягоди!

It is Sunday and because of the time change I woke up at 12:00 a clock exactly. It is a foggy day, but the temperature here is nearly 20 degrees. I have to do some projects stuff and maybe rearrange my room. As always the laziness is conquering me totally. I have only one thing on my mind but it is impossible to get it, as it is Sunday and there isn't a single open shop outside...

I want strawberries!!! Yummy, red, big strawberries with mascarpone cream all over them. I prefer sweetened cheese and not whipped cream. An interesting fact about me is that I hate whipped cream and this is why I don't eat cakes. :")

Also today is coming my brother and I am so happy about it! another reason not to do anything useful and succumb to the laziness with a book in my bed...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday: Lovely paper and Origamic Architecture ~ Красива хартия и архитектурно оригами.

I confess freely that I go crazy when I enter a paper store. This is hereditary from my father (I love you, Dad!) and combined with my love for nice design (Thank you, Mum!!!) I tend to spend little fortune in those stores. Today I will write about paper. Something that we find so common that we actually miss how nice it can be when it is made with style. In the world of electronic devices it seems useless to give to the paper so much importance.

The first time that I saw Cromatico paper Stationery I fell in love with it. The paper colours were so vivid and bright, but nicely selected. The feeling they give was luxurious. It was no surprise to me that so was their price: a small envelope was more than 1 Euro, a big one nearly 2. The high end stationery range is from 13 translucent, mass-dyed colours. Here are some examples of lovely paper. This is their site:

Said that I shall point that because of my search in internet where to find this paper cheaper, I found by incident these cards. Named Origamic Architecture or Kirigami, made with Cromatico paper. They are so well done and so architectural. So I couldn't resist not to share them here. You can visit his Flicker gallery here. He is genius of multidimensional thinking. And when I think how the modelling classes in my university were so boring and awful, when there is so much to learn about dimensions and space trough simple piece of cardboard. 

St. Paul Cathedral in London

Tadj Mahal 

San Marco in Venice 

Have a nice weekend!!! :")

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday: Narcissism ~ Нарцисизъм

My way from all natural girl to ready to go out. Or how I use my camera during my make-up. some really nice shots came out. I am quite happy with the make up result too... I shall confess that I have some narcissism problems lately. I spend too much time looking at myself at mirrors and all types of shiny surfaces. Do you suffer from this kind of problem?

By the way, the shots are not edited in any way, so you will see me as I am. :")

all natural...

early 60-ties style, my favourite 

 my lip is in terrible state...well, thats what you get from boxing at young age

who said that I am always serious?  

the final result... no mascara.

 and I am a manga girl!!! :")

bit my tongue from all that play 

I saw the picture above...  

So where to go now that is the question! 

photos: me and me again

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday: Rainy day ~ Дъждовен ден

It is raining. Slowly, tranquil rain. The weather bug on my desktop is saying to expect at least three more days with rain. I don't mind. It is refreshing somehow. As I was waiting at the metro stop for 15 minutes under the drops, rethinking my day, I took these shots and decided to share them here. 

And here the train is coming...

The stop is at an old industrial area. 

One tree with many love and hate messages on its green-red skin. So much contrast.:") 

Feel the sensation of the rain over your face... Cheers with Sting- Englishman in New York or anything with his nice and perfect voice. :")

Photos: me

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday: Spring! Letters, cards and butterflies! ~ Пролет! Писма, картички и пеперуди!

Happy Spring people!!! 

The mood and aroma is in the air. Although here there is no winter season at all, I mean no cold, no snow and no beautiful white mountains, it is noticeable that the weather is getting warmer. The trees are greener, some of them with first flowers. the sun is really warming and invites to go outside. The birds are going  crazy in the mornings and the first insects are showing. 
Talking about insects...Is there a person in the world who doesn't love butterflies? I surely do. Along with my all time favourite dragonflies. So when I got a wonderful letter with some hand-drawn butterflies I got my muse and created these cards. I hope that you like them.

The letter... :")

...and the cards I made. The figures are cut by hand with normal cutter. It took me quite some time... the cardboard is really thick.

And I am still looking for home for the cards in this post. If somebody wants them they are still free and come with four themed gift tags. 

Photos: me