Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday: Lovely paper and Origamic Architecture ~ Красива хартия и архитектурно оригами.

I confess freely that I go crazy when I enter a paper store. This is hereditary from my father (I love you, Dad!) and combined with my love for nice design (Thank you, Mum!!!) I tend to spend little fortune in those stores. Today I will write about paper. Something that we find so common that we actually miss how nice it can be when it is made with style. In the world of electronic devices it seems useless to give to the paper so much importance.

The first time that I saw Cromatico paper Stationery I fell in love with it. The paper colours were so vivid and bright, but nicely selected. The feeling they give was luxurious. It was no surprise to me that so was their price: a small envelope was more than 1 Euro, a big one nearly 2. The high end stationery range is from 13 translucent, mass-dyed colours. Here are some examples of lovely paper. This is their site:

Said that I shall point that because of my search in internet where to find this paper cheaper, I found by incident these cards. Named Origamic Architecture or Kirigami, made with Cromatico paper. They are so well done and so architectural. So I couldn't resist not to share them here. You can visit his Flicker gallery here. He is genius of multidimensional thinking. And when I think how the modelling classes in my university were so boring and awful, when there is so much to learn about dimensions and space trough simple piece of cardboard. 

St. Paul Cathedral in London

Tadj Mahal 

San Marco in Venice 

Have a nice weekend!!! :")

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