Friday, November 15, 2013

Why I am missing...

Hey there!

Probably you are wondering why I am so bad at blogging lately, but I have a legal excuse this time. Ehem...My laptop completely crashed. My hard disk burned and guess who was left with no personal or whatever information since 2008. That includes all the photos I made up to this date.
Yes, I know, you can blog from your phone and so on, but it totally freaks me out to write and read on less than three inch display. It is painstaking. 

While my Dad is trying his best to retrieve the valuable photos and projects, my brother is searching for a hard-disk replacement for my laptop. 

Apart of this, I am working on my new web-home on Not ready yet and completely under construction for the reasons explained beforehand. So hopefully I will have a new blog in couple of months and I will fill it with new exciting content about everything! Well... that if I fix my trusty laptop. Let's hope that I and this place will have a nice start of 2014 or earlier if we manage to make everything work.

During the absence of computer aided software and digital cameras, I managed to redo my room, get in nail polish obsession, buy a bunch of stationery, write a couple of poems and read a dozen books. Life is always good. 

Take care! Hugs!