Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in 12

My 2011 in twelve shots.

It was a wonderful year, but a sad one. A big one in my life. Time for change. I loved every single moment, the trips in Europe, the beauty of Spain and France, the perfect comfort of my home in Bulgaria. I lost my waist-long hair, some of my delusions and six dear friends of mine. I hope that they are in a better place anyway.
I found some new friends. Learned how to dance, how to make pasta from a real Italian, how to run faster and longer, found the perfect dog and planned a future trip to New York. As a result I will have a enormous tattoo on my ribs and go to study abroad again.


January 2011- Barcelona, Spain.
I am writing postcards in Parque Guell to my dearest ones. 

February 2011- Valencia, Spain
I gave my heart. It was made from glass. Now it is shattered to smithereens.

March 2011- Fallas
The biggest party with fire on earth. Officially. From pyromaniacs to pyromaniacs. 

April 2011- City of Innovation, Valencia
We said "Hello!" to the sharks.

May 2011- Heart of Africa
I will definitely go to Africa again. And again...

June 2011- A handmade present
That never got finished anyway...

July 2011- Seville, Spain
Wonderful, hot, lovely Seville. 

August 2011- Tracian valley, Bulgaria
The garden of my mother. My place for serenity and rest.

September 2011- No shots.

October 2011- Sofia, Bulgaria
At home for a little while. Four funerals, my birthday, one wedding.

November 2011- Romania-Bulgaria-Turkey
It was a long and dizzy month. Two more funerals. A cat found mom, she named him Percival.

December 2011- Dungeons and Dragons
I had an operation, I almost died. Lost my voice. Found it again.
Lost twelve kilos and all my muscle power. Stranded at home I started
to blog again, to read books and to draw. Started to smoke and quitted it again.
It was a two steps forward, two steps back. 

Have a wonderful 2012! I will as our plan madness is going right on schedule.

photos: me