Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in 12

My 2011 in twelve shots.

It was a wonderful year, but a sad one. A big one in my life. Time for change. I loved every single moment, the trips in Europe, the beauty of Spain and France, the perfect comfort of my home in Bulgaria. I lost my waist-long hair, some of my delusions and six dear friends of mine. I hope that they are in a better place anyway.
I found some new friends. Learned how to dance, how to make pasta from a real Italian, how to run faster and longer, found the perfect dog and planned a future trip to New York. As a result I will have a enormous tattoo on my ribs and go to study abroad again.


January 2011- Barcelona, Spain.
I am writing postcards in Parque Guell to my dearest ones. 

February 2011- Valencia, Spain
I gave my heart. It was made from glass. Now it is shattered to smithereens.

March 2011- Fallas
The biggest party with fire on earth. Officially. From pyromaniacs to pyromaniacs. 

April 2011- City of Innovation, Valencia
We said "Hello!" to the sharks.

May 2011- Heart of Africa
I will definitely go to Africa again. And again...

June 2011- A handmade present
That never got finished anyway...

July 2011- Seville, Spain
Wonderful, hot, lovely Seville. 

August 2011- Tracian valley, Bulgaria
The garden of my mother. My place for serenity and rest.

September 2011- No shots.

October 2011- Sofia, Bulgaria
At home for a little while. Four funerals, my birthday, one wedding.

November 2011- Romania-Bulgaria-Turkey
It was a long and dizzy month. Two more funerals. A cat found mom, she named him Percival.

December 2011- Dungeons and Dragons
I had an operation, I almost died. Lost my voice. Found it again.
Lost twelve kilos and all my muscle power. Stranded at home I started
to blog again, to read books and to draw. Started to smoke and quitted it again.
It was a two steps forward, two steps back. 

Have a wonderful 2012! I will as our plan madness is going right on schedule.

photos: me


  1. Grate year, dear! And even grater is comming! :D :*

  2. Ох, много сладко-горчива година. Година на отрезвяващи събития.

    Прекрасни снимки. Прегръщам те!

  3. Гуш, Плами! Гуш! По-добре да се отрезвим и да загубим едно-друго, но да спечелим нещо ново, нали така?

  4. Снимките отразяват чудесни моменти и за това са толкова пленителни :) Испания е страхотно място. Била съм там преди години и много ми липсва. Понякога имам чувството, че ми липсва повече отколкото България... Даа, човек трябва да се освободи от нещо старо, за да дойде нещо ново на мястото му. Аз лично предпочитам да използвам думата "освобождавам" отколкото "изгубвам", звучи ми по-положително :)


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