Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Winter March(ing)

Time is slipping away. The spring is coming. It is so close. I still can't believe that it is March already. Three months into the "new year". It feels like the beginning was a decade ago.

Too much work to do, too little time to write and surf in the net which is not that bad at all. Anyway I will try to make more photos and share them here. Less words, more sights. I am still waiting for the sunny days to come, to be free to run in the park and enjoy the singing of the birds. Jays... my favourites.
One more month and I am going "German" again.
The world is big, salvation stalks you from everywhere. 

Some poison ivy with beautiful texture and colouring. 

Just a bunch of common Snowdrops :)

Have a wonderful weekend!