Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday or Day 54: A great give-away with me involved!

Hello people! I want to share with you this blog which is simply gorgeous and also at this time host a wonderful Giveaway... and guess what one of the designs ideas is mine. The actual design will be made by lovely Clara after the winner is chosen. Here is the link:

You can vote for whichever set you want. Those who know me will see which set is mine... kisses and hugs to all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday or Day 50: Numbers/ Such a perfect date...

As I was writing the date on my notebook I noticed that it is 20.10.2010 so today is a day with a perfect date. Some people believe that certain dates bring luck. I do not consider myself this way but to be honest today was a pretty exhausting but nevertheless wonderful day!
Some interesting facts about tens:
  • Tens represent marriage as the 1 represents the man and the 0 the woman or vice versa for the emancipated girls :")
  • It is the number of the universe and everything in it - Pythagoras and Agrippa
  • It is the number of life and death of the Mayan People and symbolizes a new beginning. I wonder why the world is expected to end on 12.12.2012...
  • As constituted of two 5 , ten is the number of involution and evolution
  • It is widely used in religious context as The Ten Commandments in Christianity, the ten generations from Adam to Noah and the ten plagues of Egypt.
The number 20 is whole other story. It is considered a number of the reincarnation and a sun number. 
The reduced number of the date is a 6 which is the Devils Number, but also the number associated with Venus (my planet, I am a Libra), the number of indecisive people (guess what...I am a Libra- I wonder is my quote...) and love (... and currently I am in love!). Perfect number, according to Thibaut Of Langres. 

In conclusion I would say that may be the numbers do have a relation with the destiny. I have found that the beauty of mathematics is what gives the mystery in this case. Today was also the 50-th day of my stay in Valencia. The time flies indeed but right now I do not feel sad about it. 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday or Day 49: Spam and Poppies

Hello to all of you, my dear readers! I hope that this second day of the week passed well and satisfactory. The thing I want to share today is these wonderful poppies! I love poppies! May be it is fairly easy to see that from my blog design, but hey! The more the better!
Another thing is that due to too much spam about Russian girls, big kitties, nasty mommas and other type of stupid comments I had to set a word verification on my blog. So sorry to do that but I couldn't tolerate it more. I find it disgusting.

Now some interesting facts about them:
  • they are cultivated for more than 3000 years
  • they are an Asian plant, but nowadays you can find them almost everywhere
  • the opium is made out of poppies and it contains codeine and morphine
  • in Ancient Greece they considered it the plant of the Greek God Hypnos or Morpheus. the name of the morphine drug comes from here but initially they used it to treat insomnia and nervousness. thinking about that maybe the drug addicts do the same in somehow
  • the flavour of the seed is considered "nutty"
  • poppy seed oil is used for the soup industry
  • they are symbol of hope, fertility, the fallen in combat and generally considered just sweet. I consider them sweet too.
So enjoy my poppies collection for today and have a wonderful Wednesday!

A photo experiment of a fellow blogger. A really nice way to show one more thing I love about poppies- their seeds. Especially in my mothers Poppy Sweet Bread! Yummy!

A painting of a wounded one...:") 

Another painting. I would love to have a print of this one.

You can wish on a poppy, too!

photos: 1. 2. 3. 456

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday or Day 48: Some Interesting Architecture. What do you think?

Today was a long and tiring day. The kind of tiring big beginning of the working week. The good news is I have a contract for a new flat and I will be moving at 1 of November there. Finally... It was too intense to wait for these news and at last I can get some normal sleep. Yay!

I am thinking to do something new to the blog and this is to post about Architecture. What do you think? Will you find it interesting to read? Some facts and stuff about my profession? There is a saying that to be an architect you must be dedicated, a little crazy and to love the nights, cause you won't get much sleep anyway. It is a difficult but joyful profession with some serious cons. 

I will start with some history and then go into some architectural details, interesting persona, some really nice projects and share a bit of my knowledge with you!

photo: here!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday or Day 47: Music for my studies...

My beloved Kris send me this page on the from Stumble Upon: Music for the reluctant studier.

I find it really inspiring and it is a nice way to concentrate. A little more that two hours of relaxing sounds.So I share it here with you. Enjoy!

And... I wish you a pleasant working week!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday or Day 46: Spending the whole day in my bed

I woke up late today. The Valencia's sun was shining outside. A wonderful blue sky was my first view for the day. I thought what a nice colour it is. A dark turquoise with a hint of ultramarine somewhere there. I am so lazy lately. The autumn spirit is all around me and I just can't manage to fight the dreaminess that brings. May be it is the city and it romantic way or it is just me remembering my own bed back at home.
I was really wondering what to share with you today and I decided it when I saw my old trusty red pouch thrown on my desk. It has history. I brought it from a METRO store. It was bright red and made by fine leather. It cost me more or less 6 Leva or around 3 Euro. That was like 7 years ago. First it carried around only one pencil and a blue ball pen. Then something went terribly wrong and I got obsessed with stationery and pens, and stuff for writing. I can blame this on my Dad who always is doodling something. After a while the pouch turned to be my thing, the thing that I carry around everywhere with me. It has been to Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany, Andorra, Serbia, Slovenia and many more places.

And what do you have in your pouch? Do you have one? How do you carry your stuff around?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday or Day 44: Solving the mail issue at last...

Finally it is Thursday... only one more day and off to the end of the week. Yay! I am so tired right now. I was really busy with some things but I managed to put the rest of the letters in the mail box for sending. Others than this I am doing two projects, sleep trough the days and work in the nights, searching for a new flat... I found one which is so perfect!!! I did all the things necessary so at this moment I am waiting for the phone call of the layer and signing the contract at last.
I also got a Birthday present from my dear Tony. I show the opening process of the box. :")
Apart of this there is pretty bad news. My photo lenses are damaged. No focus... No colours, no sharpness in the shots. I will need a new one and this means no more spending for me...

Anyway. Enjoy these shots. Totally straight from my camera.

my helpers...

 the red one is called "processed magenta", the blue is turquoise 

 the letters...guess which one where will go!

and more of them...

And the box! is red!!!

a little bit more...

Yeap! It is a clock! A wooden wall clock!

...and it has lemons! :")

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday or Day 32: Going postal! :")

At last it is Saturday!!! This working week seemed to be like forever. after some cooking, cleaning, organizing all kind of stuff I will have some free leisure time for myself. Time for some "hard work" and sending some mail or at least getting the envelopes ready for tomorrow. 

I love mail! I love letters! And postcards... I love to read them, to write them, to make the envelopes... They are the best way to send some love across great distances and to tell your loved ones how much actually you love and cherish them.So here I present you some nice examples and my own "little helpers" will come tomorrow when I finish my letters. Enjoy!

Old letter. I love the paper and the handwriting...and the red stamp!!!
Photo: here

A real love letters of an old English couple found in a basement. Sweet!

Some doodles which are just like mine... the story is about thinking how to write a letter. The author called them love letters.

Mail boxes:) by ~bright-visualization
I like those so much that if I ever have a house I will put one of these in front it.

And one funny, but true. Even the waiting is good sometimes... the excitement, everyday checking if there is something in the box... 

If somebody wants a letter or a postcard...send me your address. Nezzo, Baby, Plami  you SHOULD do that for sure. On my e-mail, please! What an irony,eh?