Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday or Day 50: Numbers/ Such a perfect date...

As I was writing the date on my notebook I noticed that it is 20.10.2010 so today is a day with a perfect date. Some people believe that certain dates bring luck. I do not consider myself this way but to be honest today was a pretty exhausting but nevertheless wonderful day!
Some interesting facts about tens:
  • Tens represent marriage as the 1 represents the man and the 0 the woman or vice versa for the emancipated girls :")
  • It is the number of the universe and everything in it - Pythagoras and Agrippa
  • It is the number of life and death of the Mayan People and symbolizes a new beginning. I wonder why the world is expected to end on 12.12.2012...
  • As constituted of two 5 , ten is the number of involution and evolution
  • It is widely used in religious context as The Ten Commandments in Christianity, the ten generations from Adam to Noah and the ten plagues of Egypt.
The number 20 is whole other story. It is considered a number of the reincarnation and a sun number. 
The reduced number of the date is a 6 which is the Devils Number, but also the number associated with Venus (my planet, I am a Libra), the number of indecisive people (guess what...I am a Libra- I wonder is my quote...) and love (... and currently I am in love!). Perfect number, according to Thibaut Of Langres. 

In conclusion I would say that may be the numbers do have a relation with the destiny. I have found that the beauty of mathematics is what gives the mystery in this case. Today was also the 50-th day of my stay in Valencia. The time flies indeed but right now I do not feel sad about it. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. 50 days? omg time goes by really quickly!
    referring to the date... I haven't noticed 'till I've read your post xd

  2. Oh, I'm a big fan of mathematics and connecting numbers to the mentioned stuff... it's something to do with numerology. ;-)

  3. > Maria: I didn't noticed it until I wrote it on a letter... but it was fun.I just stood there and do nothing for a few seconds.

    > Baby: I think that numerology is fun! :") And it is true sometimes.

  4. Absolutely! ;-) Питагор rulz! ^^ :-D


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