Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday or Day 49: Spam and Poppies

Hello to all of you, my dear readers! I hope that this second day of the week passed well and satisfactory. The thing I want to share today is these wonderful poppies! I love poppies! May be it is fairly easy to see that from my blog design, but hey! The more the better!
Another thing is that due to too much spam about Russian girls, big kitties, nasty mommas and other type of stupid comments I had to set a word verification on my blog. So sorry to do that but I couldn't tolerate it more. I find it disgusting.

Now some interesting facts about them:
  • they are cultivated for more than 3000 years
  • they are an Asian plant, but nowadays you can find them almost everywhere
  • the opium is made out of poppies and it contains codeine and morphine
  • in Ancient Greece they considered it the plant of the Greek God Hypnos or Morpheus. the name of the morphine drug comes from here but initially they used it to treat insomnia and nervousness. thinking about that maybe the drug addicts do the same in somehow
  • the flavour of the seed is considered "nutty"
  • poppy seed oil is used for the soup industry
  • they are symbol of hope, fertility, the fallen in combat and generally considered just sweet. I consider them sweet too.
So enjoy my poppies collection for today and have a wonderful Wednesday!

A photo experiment of a fellow blogger. A really nice way to show one more thing I love about poppies- their seeds. Especially in my mothers Poppy Sweet Bread! Yummy!

A painting of a wounded one...:") 

Another painting. I would love to have a print of this one.

You can wish on a poppy, too!

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  1. Ohhh... GUESS WHAT!!! ^^

    :-* ♥

  2. Oh! Guess what? So do I you sweet crazy fab chic!!! :")

  3. Oh! You made it! It's a hard work... but you made me BLUSH! :-D /Only in my mind though... I can't do it actually/


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