Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Purple is brand new


I finally got to redesign this blog. I am not a fan of constant changes in the templates of any site, because I normally don't find a new design to my liking. And honestly I suck at coding/html/internet stuff. But the old design was already too boring and... I don't know. Probably missing something.

Some hours later and purple is brand new. Or at least in semi-transitional state until I get the free time to finish it. My bad.

I hope that I will be able to post more often especially when I start to sketch/draw/write again. Until then: here is a white chrysanthemum or mum, as I call it.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunset during revolution

The sunset from my window is ever changing. Soon the monstrosities on the horizon will be finished.  They won't be so transparent and interesting to look at, skeleton copies of themselves, but a gigantic cubes of concrete towering above the skyline. 
Am I bad to wish that they should stay like this forever? Unfinished temples of human's greed.

Outside the people are roaring on the streets, unhappy about their lives, dignity and uncertain about their future, our nations future. Some of them knowing, others pacifists that stand-by and watch with empty stare.

The sunsets during revolution are more colourful, aren't they?


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Red, red, red

It was nice spring Saturday afternoon, I was in my "all red" mood and we were just walking on the streets of Sofia taking photos of moving objects. In these count a decent number of stray cats, a tramp, some vehicles of all sorts, us all the time and a kissing couple on a bench.
I had my old, but quite unused Smena 8 with me. I am still waiting for the film to develop... but I promise to share the results here soon.


P.S - Because I constantly get many questions, even from male friends, the red, striped t-shirt is from New Yorker, a general all-brand store.

Me being myself

My fave :")

photos taken by beautiful and very talented Nastia Gretchanli, model- me