Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday: Learning and sport work together,eh?

I've just arrived home from my fitness. It was wonderful training after all day long in my chair reading some legislative documents over urban territories and residential building normative. Phew.
I am lazy in everyday life/active in sports person. Perhaps it comes from my want to improve myself, to show myself that I can push the envelope harder, that I can be better... aside from these thoughts, well, the sport is my way of calming the stress, relaxing my brain and just plain fun!
So here it is... learning and sport work together indeed!
I wish to all of you Pleasant, Lazy and Happy Sunday! 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday: Sleepy, Happy and Smiling

It is Friday. It was meant to be the first day to study for my next exam in Monday, but it didn't. Last day of this working week. First day of the weekend. And also happens to be the birthday of Yana. She turns 20 today. Nice isn't it?

So as always when I have to do serious work for the university I got up at noon...12:00 to be exact. It was hard...too much sleep gives you the want to stay all day long in bed. So I started to read new book /in my bed of course/. Two hundred pages later I left my bed at last to eat. Food and sleep! What is better than this anyway?  
Later I was browsing the internet for some free e-books and I found this wonderful textile pattern. It is from one very talented artist Baba Yagada. She is from Israel. Her works are funky, spooky, moody and have some nice touches...and I love her site! They give me this inexplicable want to just made my day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday: Ducks and Trees

Lately I feel tired. May be it is from the lack of sleep the last two weeks or it is just apathy. So I decided to make my life more colorful again. The easiest way: grab the camera, some gloves, one good friend and my adoring brother and hit the park ... i didn't make more than 20 shots but these turned out pretty nice. So I present: Sunday Photo Shoot /in the nearest park/ which I intend to make a habit...

one dead tree rising to touch the sky

his fallen brother on the ground

but out there is something alive as well...two ducks :)

i see you little girl with camera...

a little bit grumpy

These are for the kids. I personally adore them.

the other figures.they come in various forms.

photos: me 
location: South Park, Sofia, Bulgaria

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday:PC problems

My PC is making my life pretty hard... My Windows crashed, the Google Chrome crashed too taking all my precious bookmarks out of my reach and now...even my blog doesn't behave properly...I hope it is temporally cause it is painstaking...I think I need to reinstall the operation system...Just my luck!

Saturday: Over and out!

Officially the longest week of the year is over. The summary this time counts:

7/+3/ days
3 projects
less than 3 hours sleep a day
around one meal a day on foot in most cases
not enough time to shower properly
not enough time for any activity other than drafting in the AutoCAD
20 hours in pointless waiting on the 9 floor of corpus A in my University to see the results
around 240 leva /120 euros for paper and the bin now!

Yeap. The horror is over.
There are some exams to come ... session time say some people, I say time to sleep properly and enjoy life's simple pleasures!
So here they are: residential buildings

What do you think? Like or dislike them? I'd love to hear...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday: Art, Blogs and Fast ride down the endless abyss?

Ok. It is the middle of the week already. The projects are  going slow, painfully slow...and all I do as always is surfing in the World Wide Web, reading my mail, reading some nice blogs, learning new things which I do not need right in the moment, but who cares...after all to be an architecture student is whole new way of life, an abundance of new feelings and things all the ride down to the abyss...

As I was reading diagonally over some nice pages in the net and some books I own, I got these new interesting facts:
  • Wednesday is actually named after the Norse God Odin.(the same one who is Chief God of Asgard, God of War and Victory, Skies, and tends to get angry easily). His other name is  Woden or Wotan. It  is related to the word "odr" with the meaning of rage, agitation but also means mind and poetry. The middle day of the week is also referred as "hump day". So if the work week is a mountain, this would be its peak. And what comes after it... yep, the downfall!
  • Numerology! My favorite number is 6, but as I was searching trough one old book I found that my number is 5. And it is not only 5 because my birthday date, but for my name was quite interesting to find that my beloved Nev also has the same number. The meaning of it is "Freedom and Discipline"  and it bears these qualities: multi sided and expansive nature with quick reaction towards the outside world. It is SO we!!!

  • And for end of the post check this out! I found it really interesting and they have collection of "how to" craft latest passion is screen printing and they have the nicest explanation for newbies like me!

    Photo by: leonard-art

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday:Thinking of ...

So it is Sunday, the last of the vacation days for the holidays...or the first one of the longest week in the year. It is session time. My life will consist in my chair, my trusty PC, my iPod and some big chunks of chocolate. I will be bound to my desk for the next 7 days ... constantly.
And still...outside is snowing (at last), the time is cold and cloudy, the city is somewhat I am happy I won't be needed outside for some time.

But I feel so lazy...not keen to work, nor to do my projects. I'd rather waste my time reading some blogs, book or magazine, maybe sleeping in my warm bed, watching some nice movie like Sherlock Holmes which  was great indeed ... pure English Humor, nice Victorian dresses and some pretty battle scenes.
So now I am actually thinking of new ways to waste my time and not do my CAD drawings...I am doing well as for now I lost 6 hours in pointless networking...
Meet my glasses...I am shortsighted. They are not pink, but purple ( yeah, again).It will be true if I say that this week I will be looking at the world behind "purple glasses"...Happy me!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday: Photos from New Year's eve

Some fresh pictures from my family reunion for the New Year's Eve. It was great party. Chat, fun, laugh and some pretty tasty dishes. Sadly I missed the Sushi because I was late, but the Strawberry Ice Cream was so delicious!
There was a firework show near my home.So this is the view I captured from my window. My hand was trembling pretty badly from excitement but the overall effect was great.

This is the table with the main course. I was late for the beggining because I went to see my colleagues from the University.We cooked our meal: It was so much fun!

The wine was Fragolino di Bottega. It was my second time to try it. It is nothing too fancy, nor special. But I am not a wine person so it is up to the rest of the family to decide. I think my mother liked thought, because she drank a whole bottle all alone...

My cup of wine... I never got to drink more than two sips...not into alcohol anymore (I resigned  this "sin" after finishing high school).
I tend to drink only tea and sometimes orange juice at the parties but it was a special occasion so...

Some of the Christmas ornaments in my house this year. These are  made from glass and are pretty fragile.
I love glass. Especially blue glass.
In this case it is a trio in purple glazing with some gems, painted by hand.

The dessert was Ice Cream and my Dad brought these sweets...I love them!
I can eat a ton of them!
It is strange because I normally prefer dark chocolate before the white one.But for these I will make an exception!
Well, a Whole New Year is ahead of me...can't wait to see what is going to happen...I wish the very best is yet to come!
P.S-I am still full!My tummy aches from all the food I ate... :)