Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday: Ducks and Trees

Lately I feel tired. May be it is from the lack of sleep the last two weeks or it is just apathy. So I decided to make my life more colorful again. The easiest way: grab the camera, some gloves, one good friend and my adoring brother and hit the park ... i didn't make more than 20 shots but these turned out pretty nice. So I present: Sunday Photo Shoot /in the nearest park/ which I intend to make a habit...

one dead tree rising to touch the sky

his fallen brother on the ground

but out there is something alive as well...two ducks :)

i see you little girl with camera...

a little bit grumpy

These are for the kids. I personally adore them.

the other figures.they come in various forms.

photos: me 
location: South Park, Sofia, Bulgaria


  1. Thank you so much for the nice words! I am really glad that you liked them!

  2. Очите на птиците, са привлекателни.

    Цветовете на перото са много елегантни.


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