Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday: Sleepy, Happy and Smiling

It is Friday. It was meant to be the first day to study for my next exam in Monday, but it didn't. Last day of this working week. First day of the weekend. And also happens to be the birthday of Yana. She turns 20 today. Nice isn't it?

So as always when I have to do serious work for the university I got up at noon...12:00 to be exact. It was hard...too much sleep gives you the want to stay all day long in bed. So I started to read new book /in my bed of course/. Two hundred pages later I left my bed at last to eat. Food and sleep! What is better than this anyway?  
Later I was browsing the internet for some free e-books and I found this wonderful textile pattern. It is from one very talented artist Baba Yagada. She is from Israel. Her works are funky, spooky, moody and have some nice touches...and I love her site! They give me this inexplicable want to just made my day!


  1. Сега погледнах оттук-оттам сайта и си харесах 3 неща... засега :) Наистина са оригинални. Надявам се и днешният мразовит ден да си го прекарваш добре, Лени ;)

  2. Страхотна е, нали? Благодаря за милото пожелание, Плами!

  3. Ей, аз присъствам в "пост"... хаха брей! (иначе казано - "уау" :-) )! //Ще шразнуваме след сесията! ;-) :-* //


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