Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dogs on Sunday night

Hello all,

It is been a while. I had no mood, nor time to post anything in the blog. Too many emotions, too many changes, too much life. By the way, I am  completely happy, overjoyed and with BLUE hair. 
Should I promise that I will start to post again? At least I will do whatever I can to update one-twice a month even with my super fast-paced way of living. 

The reason to come back is to show you two sweet dogs that I found on Vitoshka street on a lovely Sunday evening. So meet my new friends. Aren't they utterly sweet?

Currently I am searching for the owner of the first dog in order to send him the pics as obviously he gave me wrong e-mail address.

This lady is a mix of a Rich's bulldog and I don't know what more, but she is such a cutie. Super energetic, almost crazy and very playful. This look came because of the shutter sound of my camera. She tried to take revenge eating it later on.

And she is a posing beauty!

So this is it. Happy week!