Sunday, May 20, 2012

May I?

May came and washed away my pain with its never ending rains. I feel like I am living in the UK. Everything is green and so clean. My city is inundated, but I like it this way. How is yours?

I am currently studying intensely German, because I should be leaving to make my Ph.D. next year :") Though I don't have any idea what my thesis should be I am looking forward to try.

I went for a short walk to my villa and this was the first time in may days to shoot some interesting stuff and meet new people. I love that house with her green and lush backyard, I love the hounds of our neighbours always so ready for a long walk in the oak woods, I enjoy running barefoot on the freshly cut grass. Guess what? I am a real city girl with passion for nature. 

So here are some photos from the one-day vacation I made! I hope that you will enjoy them, tomorrow is a big day for me: my name day and three years since Dee, my dear friend passed away. 

Happy, happy week for all of you!

Iron is his name, he is a mixed English hound and such a charmer.

Strawberries...what else? Home-grown, no chemicals, no artificial colours.

Yellow rose, one of the few types that I actually like.  

Looks like an exploding star. We have a bunch of them just by the eating area.  

Purple me. 

Parallel. So close and never touching. 

It was a fogy raining day. 

The pins are hanging there alone. 

You can always call me if you miss me. The old bell in Gerry's yard. The perfect place for family reunions and dinners with friends. And I love bells! I just love to touch them and to hear how they ring. 

Photos: me