Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday:Thinking of ...

So it is Sunday, the last of the vacation days for the holidays...or the first one of the longest week in the year. It is session time. My life will consist in my chair, my trusty PC, my iPod and some big chunks of chocolate. I will be bound to my desk for the next 7 days ... constantly.
And still...outside is snowing (at last), the time is cold and cloudy, the city is somewhat I am happy I won't be needed outside for some time.

But I feel so lazy...not keen to work, nor to do my projects. I'd rather waste my time reading some blogs, book or magazine, maybe sleeping in my warm bed, watching some nice movie like Sherlock Holmes which  was great indeed ... pure English Humor, nice Victorian dresses and some pretty battle scenes.
So now I am actually thinking of new ways to waste my time and not do my CAD drawings...I am doing well as for now I lost 6 hours in pointless networking...
Meet my glasses...I am shortsighted. They are not pink, but purple ( yeah, again).It will be true if I say that this week I will be looking at the world behind "purple glasses"...Happy me!


  1. О, милото Лени :( Не може пък само да стоиш и учиш! Трябва и забавление (освен шоколада... ммм), та ако съвсем ти писне от очилата, стола, pc-то и т.н., 5-и в 22 часа в Студ. град :)

  2. Thank you for your wishes. Hope, 2010 will be better than 2009. Cheers !


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