Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday: Photos from New Year's eve

Some fresh pictures from my family reunion for the New Year's Eve. It was great party. Chat, fun, laugh and some pretty tasty dishes. Sadly I missed the Sushi because I was late, but the Strawberry Ice Cream was so delicious!
There was a firework show near my home.So this is the view I captured from my window. My hand was trembling pretty badly from excitement but the overall effect was great.

This is the table with the main course. I was late for the beggining because I went to see my colleagues from the University.We cooked our meal: It was so much fun!

The wine was Fragolino di Bottega. It was my second time to try it. It is nothing too fancy, nor special. But I am not a wine person so it is up to the rest of the family to decide. I think my mother liked thought, because she drank a whole bottle all alone...

My cup of wine... I never got to drink more than two sips...not into alcohol anymore (I resigned  this "sin" after finishing high school).
I tend to drink only tea and sometimes orange juice at the parties but it was a special occasion so...

Some of the Christmas ornaments in my house this year. These are  made from glass and are pretty fragile.
I love glass. Especially blue glass.
In this case it is a trio in purple glazing with some gems, painted by hand.

The dessert was Ice Cream and my Dad brought these sweets...I love them!
I can eat a ton of them!
It is strange because I normally prefer dark chocolate before the white one.But for these I will make an exception!
Well, a Whole New Year is ahead of me...can't wait to see what is going to happen...I wish the very best is yet to come!
P.S-I am still full!My tummy aches from all the food I ate... :)



    I bless you and yours splendid departure!!

    From the Far East.

  2. Весела и Щастлива 2010-та!!! :-)
    Нека годината да ти донесе най-желаното от теб!
    Аз не преядох тази година, но порядъчно препих, както се очакваше(засрам) :))

  3. very impressive images.

  4. Лени,

    здрава, спорна, пълна с усмивки, любов и сбъдване на мечти да е 2010!

    Сърдечен поздрав :-)

  5. A wonderful view. Conversation. Cooking.
    In your happiness eternity.

    From the Far East.
    Best regards.


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