Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday: Art, Blogs and Fast ride down the endless abyss?

Ok. It is the middle of the week already. The projects are  going slow, painfully slow...and all I do as always is surfing in the World Wide Web, reading my mail, reading some nice blogs, learning new things which I do not need right in the moment, but who cares...after all to be an architecture student is whole new way of life, an abundance of new feelings and things all the ride down to the abyss...

As I was reading diagonally over some nice pages in the net and some books I own, I got these new interesting facts:
  • Wednesday is actually named after the Norse God Odin.(the same one who is Chief God of Asgard, God of War and Victory, Skies, and tends to get angry easily). His other name is  Woden or Wotan. It  is related to the word "odr" with the meaning of rage, agitation but also means mind and poetry. The middle day of the week is also referred as "hump day". So if the work week is a mountain, this would be its peak. And what comes after it... yep, the downfall!
  • Numerology! My favorite number is 6, but as I was searching trough one old book I found that my number is 5. And it is not only 5 because my birthday date, but for my name was quite interesting to find that my beloved Nev also has the same number. The meaning of it is "Freedom and Discipline"  and it bears these qualities: multi sided and expansive nature with quick reaction towards the outside world. It is SO we!!!

  • And for end of the post check this out! I found it really interesting and they have collection of "how to" craft latest passion is screen printing and they have the nicest explanation for newbies like me!

    Photo by: leonard-art


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