Saturday, June 15, 2013

Red, red, red

It was nice spring Saturday afternoon, I was in my "all red" mood and we were just walking on the streets of Sofia taking photos of moving objects. In these count a decent number of stray cats, a tramp, some vehicles of all sorts, us all the time and a kissing couple on a bench.
I had my old, but quite unused Smena 8 with me. I am still waiting for the film to develop... but I promise to share the results here soon.


P.S - Because I constantly get many questions, even from male friends, the red, striped t-shirt is from New Yorker, a general all-brand store.

Me being myself

My fave :")

photos taken by beautiful and very talented Nastia Gretchanli, model- me


  1. Червеното ти отива :)

  2. Мерси :") Това е едно мега ярко, малко малинено такова.


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