Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday or Day 32: Going postal! :")

At last it is Saturday!!! This working week seemed to be like forever. after some cooking, cleaning, organizing all kind of stuff I will have some free leisure time for myself. Time for some "hard work" and sending some mail or at least getting the envelopes ready for tomorrow. 

I love mail! I love letters! And postcards... I love to read them, to write them, to make the envelopes... They are the best way to send some love across great distances and to tell your loved ones how much actually you love and cherish them.So here I present you some nice examples and my own "little helpers" will come tomorrow when I finish my letters. Enjoy!

Old letter. I love the paper and the handwriting...and the red stamp!!!
Photo: here

A real love letters of an old English couple found in a basement. Sweet!

Some doodles which are just like mine... the story is about thinking how to write a letter. The author called them love letters.

Mail boxes:) by ~bright-visualization
I like those so much that if I ever have a house I will put one of these in front it.

And one funny, but true. Even the waiting is good sometimes... the excitement, everyday checking if there is something in the box... 

If somebody wants a letter or a postcard...send me your address. Nezzo, Baby, Plami  you SHOULD do that for sure. On my e-mail, please! What an irony,eh?


  1. Haha!What a great surprise! ^^ (sun)
    I totally LOVE, no I ADORE hand-made postcards, envelopes - all kinds of stuff about snail mail and letters! I'm a complete freak! There is no cure for me! It's helpless! :-D
    I really don't get surprised anymore when it comes to similarities between you and me! :-)))
    You could give us back instructions on how WE could write you back! ;-) At least for me! Cause there's no way I'd miss such an experience!
    Ohhh, you made my day complete, Leni! And you always do this with an ease! =)

    Love, XxXxXXxxx...
    Baby ;-)

  2. I am so glad that I make you smile, Baby!!! :") It is always my pleasure!

    And I will send you my postal address, just send me yours on my mail or in skype... and we will be writing!

  3. I just send a bunch of them! :")


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