Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday or Day 24: Valencia Museums and Metro Stations, common gardens and the central plaza

Valencia is gorgeous indeed! Every day I discover something new and exciting. There are so many vivid and precious places scattered all over the city... I will need many hours walking to get to know a fraction of them. The architecture here has its peculiarities. In the living quarters north of the river's bank the housing is lower and colorful and the streets straight. The new part of the city is near the beach and the famous City of Arts and Science made by the big Spanish architect Calatrava.
And I have to admit that I am not the greatest fan of Santiago Calatrava's works but they are very captivating. At the first glance you may find them ugly and way too big for the surrounding scale but after a couple of minutes the beauty and the ideas show through. He also made this metro station called Alameda which is a Trans board station between line 3 and 5 of the city metro. It is under the bridge with the same name in the park of the river Turia.

Then you enter the historic center with its narrow streets where the sun barely shows. A walk there is the perfect way to spend some money for presents. From the candy store just at the beginning, taking some lemon “granizado” from the near Cafeteria to refresh your head, later passing around the shop of the Pamplona based designers KUKUXUMUSU and their funny T-shirts…

My opinion: They are the most interesting Spanish Gift you could possibly imagine and I am in love with one green umbrella. By the way they make the metro cards of the city. Check them here!

Then you get to the Plaza de la Virgen, the central square of the historic town, in front of the Gothic Cathedral which the inhabitants here call La CEU. The most pleasant way to wait for your buddies is sitting on the three stairs and watching the passing people.

And here are some random shots that I made these 10 days! Enjoy!

fountain and light...

somewhere near the City Hall

A hidden art museum :")

MUViM- one of the nicest places around!!!

Residential gardens

A deserted backyard

Another Metro Station- M. Serreria, linea 5

Photos: me! :")

P.S- Sweet Nev and Dear Nezzo I will write what are my dreams as soon as possible :") I am so glad for your kind invitations! Kiss you both!


  1. Хихи, целувки а.
    Иначе ми изглежда много красиво, но повечето са нощни. Снимай ни плажа! :)

  2. Ааа, и аз искам плажа! Само ни обясняваш за него пък... :-/ А, и ако наминаваш покрай пистата за Ф1, поръчвам си за мен специално каквото можеш по темата да ми наснимаш! :-Ррр ;-) Успех и хубави настроения!

  3. Добре...записвам си:)По един плаж и една писта на Ф1... само да остане малко време и съм там :")

  4. Прекрасни снимки!
    През твоите очи нещата изглеждат още по-вълшебни.. както казах и в друг момент, имаш невероятното качество да запечатваш адски много емоция в снимките си!



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