Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday or Day 44: Solving the mail issue at last...

Finally it is Thursday... only one more day and off to the end of the week. Yay! I am so tired right now. I was really busy with some things but I managed to put the rest of the letters in the mail box for sending. Others than this I am doing two projects, sleep trough the days and work in the nights, searching for a new flat... I found one which is so perfect!!! I did all the things necessary so at this moment I am waiting for the phone call of the layer and signing the contract at last.
I also got a Birthday present from my dear Tony. I show the opening process of the box. :")
Apart of this there is pretty bad news. My photo lenses are damaged. No focus... No colours, no sharpness in the shots. I will need a new one and this means no more spending for me...

Anyway. Enjoy these shots. Totally straight from my camera.

my helpers...

 the red one is called "processed magenta", the blue is turquoise 

 the letters...guess which one where will go!

and more of them...

And the box! is red!!!

a little bit more...

Yeap! It is a clock! A wooden wall clock!

...and it has lemons! :")


  1. Не мисли че съм перде.За мен - да. Но ми пука за теб!Много!

  2. :) Thanks, but it is not me this time...

    My camera has a spirit inside! Those are with no manipulation. Sometimes it just makes them to look really magical...

  3. Лилия, учтиво те моля да спреш да спамиш (по на приятелите ми блоговете)!
    Ел, да не би "безадресна съм!" да е за мен? (wasntme)(angel) :-Ppp
    Иначе всичко е чудесно... ама все пак ти желая мааалко да успееш да се организираш и да имаш време и за почивка и хубави моменти, отпочинала! ;-) Което да не вреди на "професионаните" ти успехи! :-D

    А боичките за какво ги ползва? ^^

  4. Oh, just NOW I finally noticed I'm not in your blogroll! ;-((( :-/

  5. The decoration is pretty. . .

    Thank you.

  6. >>Baby... веднага нанасям поправки на Блогролл-а. Той замръзва, когато си сменям дизайна... мнооого извинения! :"* А това е туш...:")

    Ruma: Thank you too :")


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