Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday: Narcissism ~ Нарцисизъм

My way from all natural girl to ready to go out. Or how I use my camera during my make-up. some really nice shots came out. I am quite happy with the make up result too... I shall confess that I have some narcissism problems lately. I spend too much time looking at myself at mirrors and all types of shiny surfaces. Do you suffer from this kind of problem?

By the way, the shots are not edited in any way, so you will see me as I am. :")

all natural...

early 60-ties style, my favourite 

 my lip is in terrible state...well, thats what you get from boxing at young age

who said that I am always serious?  

the final result... no mascara.

 and I am a manga girl!!! :")

bit my tongue from all that play 

I saw the picture above...  

So where to go now that is the question! 

photos: me and me again

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