Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday: I want Strawberries ~ Искам Ягоди!

It is Sunday and because of the time change I woke up at 12:00 a clock exactly. It is a foggy day, but the temperature here is nearly 20 degrees. I have to do some projects stuff and maybe rearrange my room. As always the laziness is conquering me totally. I have only one thing on my mind but it is impossible to get it, as it is Sunday and there isn't a single open shop outside...

I want strawberries!!! Yummy, red, big strawberries with mascarpone cream all over them. I prefer sweetened cheese and not whipped cream. An interesting fact about me is that I hate whipped cream and this is why I don't eat cakes. :")

Also today is coming my brother and I am so happy about it! another reason not to do anything useful and succumb to the laziness with a book in my bed...


  1. Недей така, че и на мен ще ми се прияде... а тук въобще ги няма.

  2. А тук като ги има, все едно има как да ги докопам. Трудно е положението с ягодите. Имам зависимост към тях, а съм алергична и се обривам. Не че това ме спира. :")

  3. Ха, почти съвпадение - тази сутрин се събудих с мисълта за череши. И двете сме на червена вълна май :)

  4. Червена и плодова. :")

    Амаима да си почакаме още доста, докато се появят на пазара.


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