Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday: Presents, anybody wants some? Or a Giveaway?

Who doesn't love presents? 

I surely do! I love to make presents too! and wrap them nicely!!! And this is the main reason to participate in this nice and funny blog game in which you make something special for five people. I took the pledge some time ago at Plami's blog  Now is the time to actually do something about it. 

So I will give presents! Handmade especially by me. If anybody wants to participate, the only thing is that you need to leave a comment here below this post.The only rule is to go on later and give presents. But anyway the people that I need are five and because I doubt my ability to gather them if somebody want something small and made by me, feel free to participate.

This is not a Giveaway, but if no one shows up, I will host one here. Here I present to you some photos of things I made these 2 days. There are some mt tape cards I made which will go to the Giveaway. Have fun!!!

set of four cards on Canson Cardboard in Gris Ciel colour made with washi tape from Japan

The Blue ones

The Red ones

A small origami box, a handmade card on metallic green paper for my beloved one. Green and purple washi tape again.

A different "мартеница" made on Canson 300 grm Aquarell Board with Winsor & Newton Artist Ink.  

That's it. 

photos and creations: me


  1. Me! Me, me! Me wants a present! :)
    I was a good dragon last year! :D

  2. Me 3... The dZwera wants one aswell :D

  3. :")

    @Змей: Получаваш веднагически!!! Само трябва да ми пишеш един мейл на lenival(at) с малко информация за себе си, за да персонализирам подаръка.

    @дЗвер: И теб те броя, да знаеш!!! И ще пуснаподарък при първа възможност. :") По желание пусни мейл и ти.

  4. Защо сега открих този пост?!?! При положение, че си те следя най-редовно... МИСТЕРИЯ! Искам обяснения от някоя по-висша инстанция! ПЪК!
    Нищо, поне не съм изпуснала бройката да се запиша и аааз! ^^


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