Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday: Valencia in beautiful light

Valencia is my home for 6 and a half months now. And I should say it is a beautiful city with a really blue sky. I like it here in a way which is hard to explain. I wouldn't live here for the rest of my life. But gladly will come here from time to time just to wander in these sunny streets.I also like the beach with it fine sand and I am waiting for the summer days when I will stay there all day long.

I share these photos with you, because I like them and also because the city was so beautiful these couple of days. Enjoy!

one of the main streets

the post office in the centre 

Mercat Colon- a hall like structure with many small shops in there

Happy Lazy Sunday!!!

photos: me:") , no touching or editing on the first two, small contrast refinement in the last...


  1. Втората ми взе акъла.

  2. И на мен. А е без никакво пипане и обработка. Както я заснех, така я качих.

    Аз твърдя, че фотоапарата ми си има свое мнение за нещата и, че снима за свое собствено удоволствие. Аз само го нося наляво-надясно. :")


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