Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday: More Fallas

Today is the last day of Fallas. The figures will be burnt this night. Except for one small doll/Ninot which is saved for the museum. I still wonder to go and see the show of the burning or not to do so. If I do, tomorrow will be the last post of this sequence. Still, it hurts me to see all that beauty destroyed.

Enjoy this festive in its most bright colours because it is ephemeral, short and reminds that the life never stops. :")

The Artist Falla and his Muses

The Big one at the centre. It is huge.

 The children's Falla. One of my favourite. These fruits are just so cute!!! 

This photo is my favourite. For the feeling and the perfect colours. My DSLR was in artistic mood that night. 

Do you see the stealing octopus? And the cat? Now, tell me, would you burn this to ashes? 

Eve... This one represents the Original sin. The woman was so beautiful, with fine detail and it gave me the feeling of real human flesh and skin. 

The top of The Original sin Falla. The cranes are so delicate... 

Here come two funny ones. This one is a spirit of the television...TVE is a Spanish T.V. Channel  

The Chicken of War!!! These made me laugh so hard... I took the picture for my father. He will be pleased to see the interpretation of war.  

I hope that I made your day more colourful and bright. In this time of crisis and natural cataclysms, I think it is good to take note from Spanish people. No matter what goes in the world, no matter the strike actions of the public transport and the lack of metro, no matter for the bills and that the prices are going up... we have only one life to live. And for our best is to live it at it maximum. 

And one question by the way... do you prefer bigger photos in the post or not?

Edit: Nit de Foc was yesterday, this night is called Crema. 
Photos: All edit. Straight from the camera...


  1. Thank you for your love and sincerity.

    From Japan, ruma

  2. You are welcome, Ruma! Thank you for your visit:")


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