Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday: Spring! Letters, cards and butterflies! ~ Пролет! Писма, картички и пеперуди!

Happy Spring people!!! 

The mood and aroma is in the air. Although here there is no winter season at all, I mean no cold, no snow and no beautiful white mountains, it is noticeable that the weather is getting warmer. The trees are greener, some of them with first flowers. the sun is really warming and invites to go outside. The birds are going  crazy in the mornings and the first insects are showing. 
Talking about insects...Is there a person in the world who doesn't love butterflies? I surely do. Along with my all time favourite dragonflies. So when I got a wonderful letter with some hand-drawn butterflies I got my muse and created these cards. I hope that you like them.

The letter... :")

...and the cards I made. The figures are cut by hand with normal cutter. It took me quite some time... the cardboard is really thick.

And I am still looking for home for the cards in this post. If somebody wants them they are still free and come with four themed gift tags. 

Photos: me


  1. Толкова са готини!! Абсолютно пролетни и бонбонени :)

  2. Радвам се, че ти допадат! Ти си виновна с твоите пеперуди... :")

  3. Хех, айде пак Nezzo виновна :D

  4. Ами тъй де!!!

    Това на шегаказано,разбира се! :")


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