Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Малките подаръци, за които мечтая

Little dream things.
Things that make me smile.
Everyone of my personal close friends know that I am kind of book addict. I am so in love with handmade books, journals and blocknotes... if I could I would buy all of them!

These "little" cuties are made by hand and guess what! They are absolutely functional! My personal favorite is the watermelon book.YAY! The pink and fresh lime green is perfectly adorable. I also love the leather spine of the book. Someone who is a volunteer to buy me this beauty?

These are made from greentrikepress and she sells them in her neat Etsy Shop!


  1. This is really beautiful and inspirational too!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! =D


  2. LENI! what a surprise! ne iskah mnogo poznati da znaqt 4e imam blog za6toto si mi e ne6to kato bqgstvo ot realnostta :)) taka 4e keep my secret hehe :)) ina4e tiq ne6ta sa neveroqtni! i btw ot kude me nameri 4e mi stana interesno:)))

  3. I am agree with you. These are really cute :)


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