Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Малинов сладолеед!!! Raspberry Ice-cream!

Delicious raspberry sorbet... my personal favorite for the summer heat. All you need to do it are some fresh raspberries (strawberries, berries or other forest fruit of your choice) , half cup of hot water, lime juice and sugar.
  1. Add the sugar to the water.We need to make sugar syrup. It can be made with honey for those who are not allergic to it, but then beware the water must be around 40 degrees Celsius then you add it. Stir well to the point everything disolves completely.
  2. Add the lime to the fruit and mash it or use a blender.
  3. Combine and put in metal bolw.
  4. In the freezer!
After couple of hours take it out and blend it again. Do this 4-5 times in the next hour or two. The mix will turn in smooth paste. That's it!

Bon apetti!


  1. Мммм, звучи вкусно и освежаващо :) Въпреки че тези дни (даже седмици) ме е налегнал мързел и бих предпочела да си намеря отнякъде готов малинов сладолед (тук се изчервявам), обаче друго си е сам да се постараеш и да спретнеш нещо...

  2. sounds yummy :)

  3. i wish i could do this..wait, lemme check out if my wife can...:)


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