Friday, October 9, 2009

Bad blogger...

Ok, I know it. I've been really bad lately: not a single post, not a word from me. Well, I would try to change this from now on. It's just that, I do not have much time to write and passing trough bitter-sweet relationship is never been easy.
So... here are some photos.

the beach in Obzor
the small park behind the NPC
the National Palace of Culture or NDK for the bulgarians
crystal clear sea water at the Harman beach in Sozopol


  1. bad, bad blogger :)) обаче слънчевите снимките изкупуват вината... усмихнат поздрав, Лени, по случай новия месец ;)

  2. Мерси,Плами! Благодарно за хубавия поздрав:)


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