Sunday, October 18, 2009

Projects...not again

Well, yes. Here they come.
Another three months of drafting, sketching and wondering how to finish it all, just in time to the Judgement Date...sometimes I really hate my profession choice and just want to go back to school and the simple, no-stress living, day to day, lazy Sunday afternoon and walk around's.
Yeap. Impossible for now.

But at least I got my drawing muse back during the boring everlasting Tuesday Lectures: posting the results soon. And I started to carve rubber stamps to calm down some nerves and I got pretty good results.

Happy Week to Everybody!

My working table at the moment of posting...

Favorite Tool
Another Favorite Tool and Gamma
Got to love these...
The Rubber after my "shrink" session
Someone has suggestions for the design of the next rubber?

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  1. Много яко се получава с гумичките, искам да видя още, Лени :)


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