Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Ok. I am not a Christmas person. Not at all really.
I don't tend to get the "special mood" and the overflowing joy  thing...nor the urge to spend money in crowded malls and shops. Blah. I think this year the Christmas Eve was way too commercial for me and it kind of tired me.
Anyway I wish happiness and joy, health and luck to all! Let's hope that the new 2010 is going to be better in many ways and is going to bring something special for everyone of Us!

Photo via Nenata-ve, model:me :)


  1. Дано! :)
    И - Весело посрещане на Новата година! :)

  2. И на теб много щастие и късмет през Новата Година!
    И весело посрещане! :-)

  3. Благодаря за милите пожелания! весело посрещане и от мен!


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