Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday: Self- Inflicted Happiness...

Now look at me. Look at me closer. And closer. Do you see me? No? Clearly we are at the same situation, 'cause I don't see you either. Blank, empty eyes. No one is there after all. I say that it is only so natural. The happiness is a eluding bitch. Or at least one thats really good at hiding. I know I am different, only not so different than anyone who thinks in private: Why? Why me? Professional Issues. This is what gives you the pleasure to study Architecture. You smile again. And  I think I want to bite your tongue hard. To make you scream, to cause you unbearable pain and maybe later kill you... but then I just smile reassuringly in front of you.
Who needs to be happy after all? And is there a difference between "real" and "self-inflicted" happiness? Is there a way to create it from thin air? Didn't think so...
Anyway...the sun is shining, the weather is sweet as my good friend Lily would say. Don't bother to be miserable, better go for a long walk in the park. watch the clouds moving and rethink your existence. It is not so bad, eh?

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  1. Хей, Лени, това ти ли си?

    Много артистична снимка :)


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