Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday: Sofia, more rain, less holes...and tea

It is Thursday.
Like one of the longest days of this week. I was at my work for first time for near a month and now I feel so tired. My head aches.
It was raining all day long so I am partially glad that I was at the office with no current tasks to do outside. After the long day I drank tea with a good friend and we talked about random stuff as always. I do love these great moments with her persona because she is me in so many ways.
We see each other almost everyday and we use to drink Earl Grey Tea with milk in the Costa Coffee at the CCS. All the personnel already knows us and our taste for the hot revitalizing liquid. (And mine for Hot Chocolate with mint liquor, hers is chocolate muffins, but this is a secret!)
Sofia would be too grey without my yellow friend and my mood too spooky to be honest. Any city would be this way without her.
The city is full of noises, cars and lights...nighttime, my favorite lately. And I snapped this shot while walking towards the nearest mall with her.It is from my phone,' cause I didn't took my camera.
One of Sofia streets. more holes. Let's hope that the taxi drivers are going to be happier :") 


  1. О мила моя, този пост извика онова мъхесто чуство вътре в мен. Мерси много!!! :*

  2. Радвам се, мила моя, че Нев е там и че така усмихва твоя ден. Благодаря, Нев! (Бтв, с теб трябва да се поопознаем по-добре, все по-интересно ми става) А Коста ми е любимо място в момента, gingerbread latte.... Наздраве, знай, че чета всички твои статии, дори и да не коментирам. Целувки!

  3. кой е като мене? мерси, момичета! благодаря, че сте до мен!:")


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