Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday: The Mountain from my window

I had to get early this morning. My brother woke me. It was really hard to be honest. But I have many work and deeds to do today. Still I am feeling a little tired. I made breakfast and coffee and while I was eating with my father I saw the blue sky over Vitosha mountain. As you know I am in love with the latter. I took several photos. The sky is clear at last, no clouds, no dirt and dust. The city will be breathing clean air for a couple of days. 
Now I stand in my messy room and I rethink the last days. In my head is the calm melody of Faith No More- Stripsearch and some past memories are still lurking down there. As I listen to the song for tenth time I start my CAD drawings. Some days are just beautiful, you know...
As I dwell in my own old memories of happiness I say that I can't complain. And for my own terror, I tend to get too emotional lately.

Have a nice Wednesday!

Photos: me


  1. Признавам си, че от време на време мрънкам, когато съм в София - но винаги се чувствам прекрасно, когато погледна към Витоша :) Снимките ти са прекрасни!

    Благодаря ти за пожеланието, надявам се, че и твоята сряда преминава чудесно :)

  2. Благодаря, Плами! Наистина тази сряда беше прекрасна!


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