Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday: Going to my secret place

It is the middle of the week, last day of June. Outside is cloudy. The summer is...well, not too summery. I was on my villa yesterday. And there I got the opportunity to walk a little with my brother, take some pictures and chat. It was nice because I needed his advices and I rarely had time to talk to him these few weeks. So here they are. Pictures from my secret place where I find some peace through his joyful laughter and witty talk.

After spending another sleepless night I was too tired even to think. It is getting a habit to stay to the small hours awake. Bad habit taking its toll on my energy. As always I am involved in some problem solving issues and to be fair it is evoking mixed feelings.
My brother said: Let them analyze you as long as they want...the secret is just not to bother yourself too much for the results, and some minutes later added, I love some part of the people around me. But it is the smaller part...and you know, sis. You are too good even for that part.

Gotta love this boy, eh?
photos: me

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