Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday: Sea...

I was in Greece for a couple of days in the fishermen's village of Nea Iraklitsa. It was a wonderful, nice, calming stay and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Here are they at last, the few promised shots of my vacation.

This is actually the beach and the sea. The colors are wonderful. they have nothing in common with the water of the Black Sea. As for the rocks which are slightly uncomfortable, but you can get used to the feeling in time.

The old Aqueduct in the town of Kavala

Me on the beach!

My beloved little cousin Elena. She is super sweet!

The village at night.

I hope that you will enjoy the photos after long waiting. :) 

photos: me!


  1. Красота, красота, красота!

    Сега как продължава лятото ти, Лени? Аз ти пожелавам да е много усмихнато, слънчево, но с щипка разхлаждащ ветрец, че тая жега...

  2. Мерси, Плами!

    Лятото продължава малко скучно с много работа и по-малко пътувания, но все ще се пробвам да забегна нанякъде отново до края му...



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