Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday or Day 62: Mallorca as in Palma de Mallorca

Hi again from my near 10 day break! Hope that everybody is doing fine and enjoyed the last week of October.
I was so worked over that it was impossible to write anything here, even a short post was out of my reach. I had to do two different projects for the university, change my flat, then I got really ill so it was pretty intense week but it ended fine and now is the time for long and I expect interesting post.

First some geography and history for the curious. The Kingdom of Spain or as they call it : El Reino de España consists of the continent part, the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, The Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Mellila that border Marroco in Africa. The funny part is that every autonomous part has a capital city which decides the general direction of the future of its inhabitants. There are 17 autonomous communities and The Balearic Islands are one of them.

So what do I know about these islands? There are situated in the Mediterranean Sea and there are 4 big islands: Mallorca, Menorca, the famous Ibiza and Formentera. The capital is Palma de Mallorca situated on Mallorca, a really big city with two faces: the commercial-tourist part and the historical- artistic side. They speak Catalan. Ok thats it for the dry stuff. Here is the map for general information:

Now my personal point of view:

The flight from Valencia-Manises is exactly 45 minutes.They serve you a coffee or juice, you drink it and in the next moment you have to collect your baggage and leave the plane. The airport in Mallorca is big and is 50 years old. Planes leave and arrive every couple of minutes as the main transportation of people and goods is by air.
My first shot on the island:

A second one 30 minutes later:

To verify my landing on the island- here are my legs :")

And for my own surprise I was really charmed by the island. First of all it has mountains and I mean BIG ones for an island. The highest peak is Puig Major with 1445 meters above sea level and according of the tourist guide there are even few days with snow up there! Second the nature is just great! The sea is in such blue-green colour that you can stare in it for hours. And they have some serious architecture in the capital city with historical value. But what I liked most is the calm and slow pace of living there. It is not like the ever partying Ibiza, but it has some spirit by itself.

For the architectural the next post. :")

Have a wonderful week!

photos: me!


  1. Хехе какви хубави шарени крачета имаш :D Вече вярвам, че наистина си стъпила на островска земя ;) Хубава седмица и от мен!

    (интересно инфо ;))

  2. Обувкитееее, наистина харесвам обувките! :):)

    А и Лени, извинявай, че все още не съм ти отговорила, но все не намирам време :( Но ти обещавам, че ще го направя!

  3. @Плами: Еми нали доказателство трябваше да има!:") А още инфо след ден-два! Малко архитектурно ще е, но мисля, че ще ти хареса...

    @Незо: Обувките много си ги обичам и са невероятно удобни! :") А относно отговорът, когато смогнеш тогава. Аз имам нов адрес вече: c/Torreta de Miramar 4B pta.10, Valencia 46020. Та ако пишеш, нека е на него.

  4. Лени, аз хубаво ти имам адреса, но ти нямам имената. И бтв, да ти подкладя малко любопитството, започнах да го пиша сега :)

  5. Незо, това с имената е лесно разрешимо: Елена Владинова. :") И дебна те...и чакам писмо!

  6. Е и за това имаше първи път, не било кой знае каква философия .. :D
    Идея си нямам кога ще пристигне при теб :)

  7. :") Ами при добри попътни условия: 10 дни... чакам с нетърпение!

  8. И ти си дебната...не се бой! Чакам... За сега нямам ключ от пощата си, но се надявам скоро да проимам!

  9. Какво съм...?! Аз нищо не съм получила ощеее! ;-((((


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