Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday or Day ?? : It passed so much time that I don't remember

Hello people!

I am so glad to be here again. It was a long time since my last publication and although I hate to admit it it was really hard to start to write again. Don't blame me, it wasn't from laziness... just my projects caught me by surprise in the beginning of December. And it was horrible until today. Tomorrow is my history exam and I will be carefree like a butterfly! At last I will get some normal sleep and some life outside of my room...
Very interesting stuff happened to me in this time: I went to Granada, Cordoba y Barcelona. The trip was simply wonderful and I am so glad for the nice weather. More for this later on when I get some free time to view part of my photos and share them with you. I hope it will be soon enough... for consolation here I share only one photo made by Gi, my Brazilian companion in my journeys.

I want to thank to wonderful Nezzo an Plami who responded to my snail mail and I got their Christmas Greeting Cards! I was really happy girls!!! :") Answer to be expected soon!


  1. Снимката е божествена! Хайде малко остана да се наспиш качествено :D

  2. Хахаха, Ленииии откога се каня да ти пиша дали е пристигнала, но явно е! Успешно наспиване, при мен тепърва предстои :D

  3. Ей, сладури!!!

    Аз продължавам със саморазрушителното неспане и чакам да дойде неделята със сетни сили.

    Много мина, малко остана...


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