Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday: Sevilla Trip Photos ~ Пътуване до Севиля Снимков Материал

Despite my ultimate laziness I decided to post today some of  the pictures that I made in Sevilla. So here they are with small explanations before each one of them.

The old train station to Cordoba, now a shopping centre near the river.

 An entrance to a typical house in Andalucia. I love the metal work of the door and the way of the tiles on the wall.

Metropolitan Parasol: The biggest wooden structure in the world. It is really interesting and a good way to imbue an old square with new life and opportunities.

Now it is a meeting point, a place to demonstrate your skate skills, a place to hide from the searing heat of the sun... is beautiful? Isn't it? 

Close shot of the structure which is quite simple, but nicely done. I find it remarkably close to the "bee hive" structure although it is not a hexagonal one.  

 An old façade down town. A real eclectic mix of many styles and traditional building techniques.

 The cathedral. It is huge and it is final resting place of Columbus. That is the Door of Columbus,an impressive Gothic style dated in 16-nth century. 

The Giralda- the most beautiful building in all of Sevilla is a Arab tower with impressive detail work and  now is part of the cathedral. Here it is seen at the right upper corner of the picture.

The Alcazar, the city castle and his wall. Inside there are one of the most perfect gardens.

Patio de las banderas is part of the arab castle. It is a square with white façades and  there are actually people that still live there. From one of his exits you can venture in the Jewish District- La juderia, a place with small and interesting streets, many secret places and low tunnels.

A street behind the walls... 

I am glad that I had the possibility to go there and one day I will repeat this trip. Sevilla is a magical, historical place with its own life and quite nice inhabitants, happy people and many green places. If you have the opportunity to go there, do it. You won't be disappointed.

:") Photos: me

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