Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday: Going to Sevilla ~ Отивам в Севиля

It will be for couple of days. Coming back as soon as possible and I promise some photos as a gift. For now here is my last drawing. Some experiment with watercolours. Enjoy! :")


  1. AMAZIIIIING! I'm inlove with the colors Lenny! Crazy mushroom!!!
    Now I really see the coral place up in the picture and it's cool. Really don't know how but coral become my color this summer. So cool!
    You should try with other object like that for witch is not normal to have colors like this.

  2. I will send you some pictures of old abstract coloured art one day... just let me get home in one piece...

  3. Ааа! ^^ Страхотна еее! Обичам таквизи нещааа! "And you know I'm your biggest fan!" (rofl)

  4. Мерси, мерси... аз тук от скука се отдадох на рисунки.:")

  5. Аз пък възнамерявам да се побъркам от рисунки другата седмица, нещо ме е прихванало така... а и сесията имаше пръст и то голям! :-D


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