Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time for a party! Not one, but two!


I hope you had a good and eventful weekend!
Mine was simply great and I want to share here the photo story from my 24-th birthday party. It is the first birthday party for me in years, so I decided to make it special and I had it divided in two: a tea party for my girls and a classic beer-tasty food-many people type for some of my friends and colleagues. It went fantastic for me, I am really happy and I hope that my guests also had good time.

First I give a eternal grateful hug to my dear Nev, because without her there wasn't meant to be a party at all. Thank you, my charming, blonde, incredibly good-looking and totally hot hostess!

...part one: Tea Party!
Some of the flowers I got for my birthday :")

Cupcakes for the tea party made especially from my mum with two totally different tastes: a salty one and sweet with apricot and cream

The perfect tea bag plate, it is quite comfortable to use. A must have for every tea lover out there. 

Tea cups from real china bone porcelain with old, classy blue and white design. One of my favourites in home. 

One of my presents. A glowing night lamp from IKEA. It already has a name: Spoka and I am in love with it! 

Our manly companions: Eugene Petrovich a.k.a The Big Fat Cock and Zmeicho, a sweet and innocent zmei (something like a dragon from our mythology, but cooler!) 

...part two: Talk, Rock and Else!

This was a more common type of union. A table covered with food and drinks, many people chatting, some rock music, some funny jokes and a cake! I enjoyed it greatly!

Photos: me and this guy :")


  1. "charming, blonde, incredibly good-looking and totally hot hostess" >>> Haha, got to love the description! :-D ;-) Nev is this and so much more!

  2. Oh! She is everything! :") We know that, don't we! And we are so happy to know her.

  3. I'm pretty sure Zmeycho should be written with 'y' instead of 'i' but that's not what is most important.
    What is most important is that all of us (and I realy mean All) had grate fun at both of your parties. :)

    And… Zmeycho - innocent! Yeah, right! :D


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