Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday: One week after Heaven and Back in Sofia

It was snow, mountains and hot tea with white rum. It was white, pure and lovely everywhere. There were moments with warm smiles, mint alcohol and chocolate with whole nuts. There was the company of Eight Architects and One Engeneer : all kinds of diferent people who call themselfs friends, all types of personalities: the sad one (me), the always smiling one, the tired one, the everworking one, the funny one, the sulking one, the quiet one, the happy one and the entusiast. There was the only one who completely understands my soul and knows how to give me comfort and some new findings all around me.
It was great and I still can't get used to the city and its vibes...

By the way I missed the three holidays this March. Thank all of you for the wishes and the nice comments:")

P.S.- Some photos are coming soon...  


  1. one perfect combination that sounds like :) tea and rum hmm interesting :)

  2. Yes! You definitely must try it! Tea and rum is just what you need in cold, snowy afternoon after all day skiing!:) Or after stressful day at work...

  3. Аз пък харесвам грог! ... което е горе-долу същото, но не съвсем
    ;-) (mm)

  4. Good blog, felicidades!!



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