Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday:One year later...and 25 things that changed in my life

And I am still blogging...what a surprise indeed. I never thought that I will live to this actually with my character. So I guess it is time for some conclusions. And here they are:
  1. I started to blog about my hobbies and thoughts on 12.02.2009
  2. And I intend to do it long years to come.
  3. I am one year older.
  4. And 10 times more wiser or not so naive at least.
  5. I learned the hard way that no one is really what he seems to be. Again.
  6. And found that it is hard to stay true to your believes.
  7. I sleep less, I eat more, I wonder more about my future.
  8. And I am sure that everything is going to be all right in the end.
  9. I no longer write poetry, nor short essays.
  10. And I lost my "way with the words" :"(
  11. I still love to take pictures.
  12. And to share them with my friends.
  13. I lost my faith in my partner.
  14. And started to question him more in hope for "salvation".
  15. Then it turned out that it didn't help at now I am all alone. Again.
  16. He stole a piece of my soul
  17. And I scarred pretty badly
  18. But now I feel fine again.
  19. And the thin white line of the scar stays with me.
  20. I lost some friends of mine.
  21. And found new ones, real treasures, hidden all around me.
  22. Some of closest people I have question my decisions daily
  23. And give me strength to carry on with my deeds  
  24. I am finally starting to love myself...
  25. Or at least I think I do.

Thats all I think. Thank all of you for following me. It is nice to know that out there is someone after all. I am really grateful for all these nice comments and the fact that your presence completed this blog in one wonderful way.:") So here are some home-made sweets...

I also wish to say: Happy Birthday to Пламито!I know that I am a bit late, but...this cake is for you!

P.S- Dennis, I know that you won't read this, but anyway: Happy Birthday! I wish you only one thing: Rise and Shine!:")


  1. Благодаря ти, сладурче! Честита годишнина! Да продължаваш още дълго да пишеш, пък ние със сигурност ще те четем с голямо удоволствие (и някои от нас ще си подобряват английския ;) Виждам, че е била интересна година, много екшън, много нещо... важното е, че като гледам си извлякла положителното, браво!

  2. Много мерси,Плами! Да. Годината беше вълнуваща определено, а за положителното...нека винаги всички се стремим към него!:")

  3. Happy Anniversary! Cheers !

    I enjoyed these beautiful images :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    love the subtility of the post :)

  5. Честита Баба Марта, Лени! Пожелавам ти много усмихнат, слънчев и вълнуващ месец :))


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