Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday: City Cats and Sky...

More photos...less posts. I don't have much time to write lately but I want to share these with you. These are two really cute furry cats that I met during my long walk in Sofia this weekend. And some reflected clouds which I want to "give" to one beloved person who passed away this week. You will walk between the stars in the sky, my dear! We all know it!

Interacting with my Nev who is out of the shot.

The Neighborhoods Bad boy who wants to come inside because of the rain.

He is super-sweet, isn't he?

Me: tired, sad and a little older than before...

Here they are. The reflected clouds in a perfect blue sky. Sometimes the reality is duller than our dreams and memories. This is for you and for me.

photos: me


  1. О, много ми харесаха снимките! Дори и лошото момче (въпреки че не съм точно "котешки човек") :)

    Честит празник, Лени!

  2. Мерси, Плами! И аз не съм котешки човек, но този беше такъв сладур просто!!! Чаровникът мяукаше и се галеше само и само, за да се промъкне на топличко...


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