Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday: At last I am free again...

Hello there!
So happy to announce my return after three long, sleepless weeks of endless CAD drawings, long queues for  reviewing my projects, some tears, a little anger and Lotta fun in the making...just kidding, it wasn't fun at all! I am so glad that all is over now.
What can I say? The simple pleasures of everyday life are back...I can eat properly more than once a day, sleep for more than 2 hours a day, shower as many times I want :") and go out with my friends...Hurray!
Of course the work didn't came alone. I was bitten by a little bug which can cause many problems- a TICK! It was a nasty experience with some needles and need I to tell how much I hate needles...Ten days later, some antibiotics and more needles I am perfectly OK and here I want to share these nice photos from the last couple of days.

The beautiful stormy sky from last evening. I wanted to rain so badly, but it only passed with yellow-orange clouds and loud thunders...

They say that the opium is one of the sweetest drugs out there...

This is sort of an onion, can you believe it? I say that is looks more like a purple sphere of fireworks. One of my favorite flowers in my mothers garden. 

photos: me

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  1. Къде го хвана този кърлеж?! Ужас!

    Обаче пък колко се радвам, че вече си в добро и спокойно настроение, радваш се на живота и имаш време да правиш толкова красиви снимки!


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