Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday: The Mountain from my window and some rain...

the mountain from my window in a perfect blue-greenish tint and intense rainfall
violent winds
my window after the rain
I am only happy when it rains...thats the truth. It rained intense and hard for 10 minutes over here. The feeling of the cool breeze is so nice to feel over my skin after this long heated day...the only thing that took my smile away today was this broken fellow...old gift from a long forgotten friend of mine.



  1. Ех, как красиво си хванала бурята и след-бурята, Лени :)) Прекрасна си беше, само да не си навън ;)

  2. И навън...и навън! Бурите са хубаво нещо...:)

  3. Страшно красиви снимки!:)Браво!


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