Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday or Day 5: Spending all the time in my bed

I am now officially living in Valencia for the next 9 months as an Erasmus Student. The first days were pretty intense but as the weekend in Spain is quite tranquil and calm I have all the time needed to change my blog layout (at last!) and post my first impressions from the voyage.

Well, here it comes: Valencia is (not so much) big Mediterranean City with lots of nice, well kept buildings, plenty of bars, a big bunch of international students, good well developed metro and transport system, green streets and clean walkways, nicely thought alleys and parks, 130 km. of bicycle roads!, impressive historic center. It is also home of the paella valenciana, la horchata, las fallas and three awesome beaches that are located a 20 minutes from the city center.
I love it! It is the perfect size, not too big, not too small...

The way to get here is with planе: 4 hours without trans-board from Sofia or 7 in my case with one in Rome. The Italian airport is pretty disorganized, you can't get a single word from what they are saying. There was a free WI-FI, but I couldn't I had to wait for my plain patiently until 10 minutes before my boarding they just decided to change my boarding gate. The result is running through the airport with a backpack (around 10 kilos) to get in time. I wasn't very pleased.

Room and living quarters. Here I need to say a big THANK YOU! to a great friend of mine who took me from the airport to her apartment and was taking care for me these days. Apart of that finding a room is pretty easy here. Finding a cheap one not so much. At the cost of 270 euros monthly you can live in a shared flat in the real center of the city, but I don't recommend it. Too much noise, burglary and it is costly to eat...

For now there is only one great disadvantage: I miss my friends, my brother and my family, as I miss Him. Apart of this I am extremely happy to be here.

This is it for now. Some photos to come soon. :")


  1. Супер, дано скоро видим Испания през твоите очи :)

  2. Само да си взема някой ден фотоапарата в ръце и започвам да пускам всички налични качествени фотоси тук! :") Инак Испания е красива... наистина.

  3. Хаха, :-D италианците са прочути с това, че за тях времето не значи нищо, но ти явно не си го знаела! :-Р А за летището (не само в Рим), се разказват легенди! Хихи... нашите го изпитаха '96 на свой гръб - но разлика и днес няма - по чужди истории... а и по твоята! ;-)
    Колкото до Валенсия - знам, че е страхотен град от родителите си и снимките им! ^^ Обаче на 6 някак си не вървеше да ме вземат на конгреса за 16 дни в Испания, на който бяха! :-/ Късмет!
    Благородно ти се възхищавам... ще бъдеш там и за Гран При на Европа! :-Р да му се не види... (chuckle)(devil)... Пък и като цяло в родината на любимия ми пилот! 8-)


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